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Actually Delightful (2ND ANNIVERSARY!)

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

"It's actually quite delightful." (Danielle G.)

June 19th, 2018 - June 19th, 2020. TWO years. 61 people! It's Juneteenth again and that means it's also time to celebrate the second anniversary of Young, Gifted and Abroad! Somehow I managed to outdo myself this time without even planning to, so you get to hear me talking solo for even longer than last year! (Don't get used to it though.)


  • Shoutouts/Listener Feedback (5:56-13:13)

  • Q&A (13:13-1:08:49)

  • Guest Responses (1:08:49-1:15:23)

  • Thanks (1:15:23-1:21:08)

  • Closing Thoughts/Affirmation (1:21:08-1:26:06)



(Thanks to Lo, Diamond, Marlee, Sho, and Nyasha for sending me these!)

  1. What are your experiences with traveling? Do you have plans to go abroad in the future? If so what would be the destination?

  2. What was the initial reason behind creating your podcast? Was it something you had wished for a long period of time or that came by chance?

  3. What’s on your short list of countries to travel?

  4. What is your favorite road trip adventure in the states and why?

  5. Any aspect of travel that you thought was overrated/overhyped?

  6. What was the biggest culture shock that you encountered from a place that you’ve traveled?

  7. Were there ever any American customs that you found others had a hard time understanding?

  8. If you could bring anything from the places that you've traveled and make it a staple to everyday American life what would it be?

  9. Who are your top foreign singing artists?

  10. With two years being a podcaster, what about podcasting was the most surprising to you? What did you learn that you weren’t expecting to learn?

  11. After hearing so many stories, are there any places or countries you really would like to see now? Or have you written off any places? Do some places seem more difficult for people of color to reside in than others?

  12. What is the most formative experience that you’ve experienced while abroad that’s stuck with you the most? Most joyful experience? They could be one and the same.

  13. What’s your favorite part in the process of creating episodes? What’s the most exhausting part of the whole process?

  14. Do you have any people whose sound/tone of their literal voice you just appreciate and love? Soothe you? Bring joy to your life?

  15. Has doing this podcast made you embrace and appreciate your voice more?

  16. Congratulations for all the fabulous things you’ve done with your pod! 2020 has presented a lot of changes. What have you changed in the way you present your pod this year compared to past episodes and what’s your future direction?


Same as last year, I emailed all of the people who were featured during this second year and asked them to send me their responses to two questions, either in writing or voice memo. The first question was inspired by Juneteenth:

What does "freedom of movement" mean to you?

And the second question was inspired by Ranzo from The Black Experience Japan:

If the world were listening to you right now, what would you say?

Special thanks to Jasmine (episode 44), NBee (episode 54), and Devonna (episode 60), for sharing their thoughts with me once again!



In place of the lesson or advice that I usually try to end these reflective episodes with, I decided to share a new affirmation of mine that was inspired by playwright Lynn Nottage's feature in the Well-Read Black Girl anthology: You can be rewarded for leaning into your passion!

Thanks for another year! I'm not stopping! Be back on July 7th!

Danielle G. is the creator, host, and producer of Young, Gifted and Abroad. You can find her other writings at The music in this episode is by ProleteR.



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