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Ten Cents (Eps. 1-10)

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

"I can't think of anything that people do where conflict is born that isn't dramatically interesting." (Lorraine Hansberry)

To commemorate having released 10 episodes of Young, Gifted and Abroad, I wanted to talk about a few things before Episode 11 comes out tomorrow.

1) A tribute to Lorraine Hansberry - Acknowledging her impact on American theatre and how reading her biography/collection of work entitled To Be Young, Gifted and Black inspired me when starting this podcast.

2) Props to y'all - A thank you to all the guests, and everyone who's listened. Y'all are helping me in more ways than y'all could ever know.

3) A piece of advice - Don't count yourself out. That thing you think is beyond you might actually be just for you. You never know!

Here's the passage of To Be Young, Gifted and Black that I quoted in this episode,

"I can't think of anything that people do where conflict is born that isn't dramatically interesting...
Yes, I happen to believe that the most ordinary human being--to almost repeat what I just said--has within him elements of profundity, of profound anguish. You don't have to go  to the kings and queens of the earth--I think the Greeks and the Elizabethans did this because it was a logical concept--but every human being is in enormous conflict about something, even if it's how to get to work in the morning and all of that..." (To Be Young, Gifted and Black, p.139)

photo courtesy of Danielle G.

Be sure to listen to this episode, "Ten Cents (Eps. 1-10)" for more! And look forward to Episode 11 coming out tomorrow!

Danielle G. is the creator, host, and producer of Young, Gifted and Abroad. You can find her other writings at The music in this episode is by ProleteR.



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