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Ten Cents (Eps. 81-90)

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

"I do think there would be value in basking in that achievement of reaching a hundred episodes, and four years of doing this thing." (Danielle G.)

As of last week, Young, Gifted and Abroad has reached its 90th episode! To celebrate this milestone of having released another 10 episodes (and to kick off Black History Month), it's time for me to check in with y'all via a brand new edition of "Ten Cents"! Wherein I discuss my goal for YGA in this first half of 2022, underrated forms of support, and why people need library cards.

1) Reflection (0:00-9:03) - This is probably the first time ever that January hasn't been that great of a month for me; my usual "new year high" was cut short and the world has been making me tired, which makes doing things (including this show) increasingly more difficult. But I'm not giving up! My goal for this first half of 2022 is to reach episode 100—the "magic number" I've been hinting at for the past couple of years—in June, just in time for Young, Gifted and Abroad's 4th anniversary on Juneteenth. Then, this podcast will be on hiatus for the second half of 2022, and we'll see what 2023 is looking like. Episode 91 is already in the works, so now I just need to find nine more guests to make it all come together!

2) Gratitude (9:03-14:30) - Thanking everyone who's ever given this show a listen. Thanking all my guests from episodes 81-90: April, Jessica, Eric, Brittany, Tendiso, Farrah, Genie, Nia, Tamara, and Kirsten! And last but not least, thanking my Uncle Rod and Aunt Daune for letting me record my 1st and 91st interviews in their home. As I posted on Instagram and such yesterday:

IG saw it first: My makeshift set-up in Indy

Road to 100: Back to where it all began. In May 2018 I drove my restless self to Indianapolis for Indy 500/Memorial Day weekend. And in my Uncle & nem's house I recorded my 1st of many remote interviews to come, with my 1st guest ever (my Louisville cousin @kay_bee35). During the last weekend of January 2022, I was in Indy for family stuff, and this time in Uncle & nem's house I recorded my 91st interview (out next week!). What you see here was my makeshift set-up.

Having come full circle, I'm thankful for my family's support ever since I started this podcast, and I feel peace knowing that I've already done enough and could stop now if I wanted to. BUT, I really want to try and get to 100 episodes by Juneteenth (Young, Gifted and Abroad's 4th anniversary). So that's what I'm going for! Gotta find 9 more guests, haha!

3) Lesson/Advice/Recommendation (14:30-19:54) Consider getting a library card! It's free! I read somewhere that signing up for a library card helps libraries get the numerical data to show that people still need and use their services. But also, I saw on my local library's Facebook page that I could watch movies on Kanopy for free by using a library card, so that's why I got mine when I went to said library to start editing episode 89 in early January.

Be sure to listen to this episode, "Ten Cents (Eps. 81-90)" for more! And look forward to episode 91 coming next Tuesday, February 8th!

Danielle G. is the creator, host, and producer of Young, Gifted and Abroad. You can find her other writings at The music in this episode is by ProleteR.



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