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Young, Gifted and Abroad Trailer

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

"Have you studied abroad? Wanted to, but didn't think it was accessible? Tried to, but it didn't work out? Or are you simply curious about the myriad of impactful ways that travel and education can intersect? Well... Young, Gifted and Abroad definitely has something for you!" (Danielle G.)

Happy New Year! Figured I'd kick off 2021 by finally making a trailer for Young, Gifted and Abroad.

Traveling might not be advisable right now, but we can still share stories in the meantime! Young, Gifted and Abroad returns on Tuesday, January 12th!

Danielle G. is the creator, host, and producer of Young, Gifted and Abroad. You can find her other writings at The music in this episode is by ProleteR.



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