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Freely, Without Fear (3RD ANNIVERSARY!)

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

"I really would like to see a world in which my friends and loved ones—especially those who are queer and/or not white—to be able to move freely in this world, without fear of violence or harassment or their safety being threatened. And you know, I think this podcast is a part of that, and hopefully is pushing us in the right direction." (Sho, from episode 71)

June 19th, 2018 - June 19th, 2021. THREE whole years! 80 people! For real?!?

It's Juneteenth again and that means it's also time to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Young, Gifted and Abroad! I initially had something elaborate planned, similar to what I did last year and the year before. But I'm still technically on break from the podcast, and being in rest mode resulted in me not having a ton to say. So I decided to chill, and let this anniversary episode be a little more simple and concise. But what I do have to say is still plenty sincere and celebratory!


  • Announcements/Juneteenth (0:00-7:27)

  • Reflection/Guest Responses/Pod Trailer (7:27-21:28)

  • Thanks (21:28-34:26)

  • Lesson/Recommendations (34:26-44:57)


I was able to help review applications for the 2021 cycle of the Diverse International Women of Color Study Abroad Scholarship Fund, which was founded by Alhia from episode 35. The recipients were announced on June 14th, and two of them were girls whose applications I'd reviewed! Also, I was recently a guest on episode 53 of Why We Wander, a podcast which is run by The Wandering Scholar (an organization that provides grants so underrepresented high schoolers can participate in international programs). They had me on to discuss my own study abroad experiences, as well as the work and intention behind what I do with Young, Gifted and Abroad. That episode should also be out today (Juneteenth), and I will link it here once it's out!

And like I do every year, to kick off this anniversary episode I briefly explain what Juneteenth is (referring to June 19th, 1865) and why I chose June 19th as this podcast's anniversary.


Basically, I'm just glad to still be here, and I'm not done with Young, Gifted and Abroad yet!

As is tradition, for this special episode I emailed all of my guests from the past year and asked them to send me their responses to two questions, either in writing or voice memo. The first question I came up with was inspired by Juneteenth:

What does "freedom of movement" mean to you?

And the second question was inspired by Ranzo from The Black Experience Japan:

If the world were listening to you right now, what would you say?

Special thanks to Gabby (episode 62), Sho (episode 71), AJ (episode 70), and Dai'jah (episode 74) for sharing their thoughts with me once again!

And as a treat, I play this show's podcast trailer which I created and released back in January.


Messages from Listeners

  • Tura out of Arizona (October 2020, eventually became the guest of episode 72)

  • Adam the university study abroad advisor (January 2021)


Integral and/or Supportive People

  • Ma

  • Julia, my associate producer/red nose pit bull

  • ProleteR (beatmaker)

  • Morgan Davis (Morgan Eliz, designed this podcast's logo)

  • My good friend Sho (who referred Wendy for episode 79), and my guest Dai'jah (who referred Jazmin for episode 80)

  • My good friend Marlee

All of you listeners

  • Whatever kind of listener you are, I appreciate you!

All of my guests!


Julia is happier than she looks, I promise!

REST: This time around, I learned that you can't always plan or schedule rest. Sometimes rest is required, regardless of the timing. I was feeling weary (word to Solange Knowles), so I took a break from the pod. And I'm better for it. Lean into your inclinations to rest, y'all.

Lastly, I thought it'd be fun to leave y'all with some recommendations!

REVERENCE: Watch the documentary film 'In Our Mother's Gardens' and the docuseries 'High on the Hog' in tandem, so you can soak up all there is to celebrate in honoring ourselves as Black people and the ancestors who came before us.

ROMANCE: Try reading a romance novel! As I've recently grown to realize, the romance genre has more to offer than one might think. My specific romance recs are The Wedding Party (Jasmine Guillory), If I Don't Have You (Sareeta Domingo), and Love In Color (Bolu Babalola).

Thanks for another year! Will hopefully be back with new episodes in July!

Danielle G. is the creator, host, and producer of Young, Gifted and Abroad. You can find her other writings at The music in this episode is by ProleteR.



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